Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Calling of the Sea

Tresaith Beach in Wales

If you didn't own a thing...you'd have your thoughts,

Enriched by nature where the Seashore sings,

A lonely Seabird speaks..they seem so few.

Once a Sea of joy "Our happy day's were good",

Of sailing boats and playing in the sand.

The sea-view from our house is small but worth it, every inch!

A taste of salty air brought in along the morning breeze,

On days of storm it's hardly seen for sea-mist blanks it out.

For you have other faces,

A Sea of calm thats still and could be crystal clear,

The treacherous heights that waves will go of endless strengths of hunger.

With rhythmic waves from moon's great pulls...

sends the many tides.

"Oh troubled times for sea creatures"....Alter or be done,

Your home is now unhealthy from shores to out at sea.

A Pirate's sunken ship has laid......where time grew on in microbes,

Centuries have past to have another change,

Where Ships of speed and reckless thought exploit a living Sea,

With many forms of plastic, Oil, chemical run-offs.........the New Seafood,

T's Not their realm.

Sea of Old and so much Wonder...still to be discovered,

We live in hope to put you right,

Now we've heard your Call.

copyright: L.Shaw (@Lynnibinny)

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