Friday, 18 November 2011

HUMANKIND has wrecked the ‘thread of life’ !

Politics with their Greedy Corporations have altered it’s balance .....

 What keeps our Planet Alive : #Oceans + species #Woods + species #Bees & #Rivers+species ~ NOT #pesticides #pollution NOT even US !

 So we must decide if we want to look after our Planet and share it’s bounty carefully.

We have to become more Aware of Nature and All it Holds.

When our Fish stocks collapse its starting to turn bad ~ especially when the ‘Menhaden’ fish are low in numbers, when they were once used as ‘bait’.

To continue a healthy Ocean is to keep it’s stocks for the unique ecosystem.....which in turn help us and so we must Not Overfish or Not Eat !  

The Word ‘Plankton’ means ‘Drifter’ or ‘Wanderer’

‘Phytoplankton’ are the foundation of the Oceanic food chain And is in great decline due to the ‘warming of our seas’ !  Some of them are so tiny that they can hardly be seen by the naked eye !

It is the Base of ‘Life’ the producer of the ‘Air’ we breath.

 Links> < Well Worth A Peek !

The way ahead is to Rethink what we’re doing, using, why, made-of and is there a better way ! > questions to help the above.

We are on borrowed time
And cannot continue to abuse our ‘beautiful Earth’

To Top it All ”Governments and their Greedy Corporations decides who lives or dies” !  “How Dare they “! 

Saturday, 1 October 2011


My ‘diary’ begins with all manner of different species encountering troubled moments of existing,  so wanted to get the word out for peeps to understand their struggle for life through each hour, day and  season’s climate change. 

The ‘wasteland’ I often talk about is full of ‘nature’s best’-  includes.....wildflowers, dragonflies, insects of all types was our Son who was concerned for the safety of the Frog and Toad Spawn that brought this area to our attention., as he knew the foundations of a new housing development was to begin soon.  (thankfully to this day still hasn’t happend.)  “Would like to Rescue it to stay as Wildlife Area” !

 He’d carried  home a huge jar full of Spawn and carefully placed into our, then,  tiny pond, which I hasten to say grew into a larger Pond.  Our Mission Spawn succeeded and over the last couple of years always enjoy the sight of many a Toad or Frog enjoying our garden.

  I read the News that ‘Bolivia’ ‘Indigenous’ People so innocent of all, with probably more knowledge of Nature than any, were to have their unique lifestyle taken away for good !!!    Land destroyed with a ‘Dam’ being built which meant NO fish heading into their River for food!  “How can this be”? ‘HUMAN GREED’ ??    Thankfully has been stopped !Link>   &

Greed has a lot to answer for .....once again trying to Budge it’s way through to destroy ...yet...another Land.
Oceans, Seas, Coastline, Rivers and Woodlands are being altered! 

Mammals from our great Oceans arriving in large Pods dying....ask yourself.....WHY ???... Polution is one answer ‘Oil Spills’ linger on affecting ‘Fish’.....the fish ....people can we be sure it’s safe ! Link> 
Climate change plays a role in all of this also ....warming of the waters....affecting lakes.and much more areas..with ‘Toxic  Algae’ .... the wild plants e.g. ‘Himalayan Balsam’ is such one thats taken ahold and River Weeds ‘duck weed’ growing at a fast rate that all Oxygen is exhausted beneath and chokes All !

We are going to have to be more ‘AWARE’ and not live in a ‘STERILE’ environment.

The reason for our ‘Bark Paths’  around our raised Vegetable beds was to introduce many other insects and wildlife for biodiversity.  The Black Beetle eats the black and brown slugs that trouble most gardeners .  The Green Lacewing will eat the Aphids....this is just giving an idea of what goes on around our ‘Living Garden’ because it is....LIVING !!!

It’s All down to the Greedy Human  that most can’t see beyond their  actions of destruction -  Greed, Traditions need putting in the correct place e.g. ‘MANTA RAYS’  are killed for the use of Medicines....come on !!!  this is the modern world of medicine...and these Species are dwindling !!! Link>

Come on Kind Peeps this is our ‘HOME’, look after it and it’s precious ‘SPECIES’ who play an important part to keep this Planet ‘ALIVE’ .......And tell the GREEDY ....PLEASE DON’T KILL IT !!!


Be responsible, respond and think before Actions !